Erica is a ‘voice above the clamor of big business’, advocating for the Local Living Economies movement. She teaches and facilitates communities around the world to shift from competition to collaboration. As a dancer and a poet, Erica believes that our gifts, when fully expressed, in are in genuine service to humanity.

As Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Good Work Institute, she built the organization from its roots, with a focus on the design and delivery of a first-of-its-kind bioregional fellowship program. She has worked in US Microfinance for Kiva and Accion, entrepreneurial education at Baruch and SVA, and community and leadership development around the world through her ‘New Economy’ Consulting practice - all as pathways to building fair and joyful places where all people feel they can belong.

She is a Fellow at The  Royal Society of Arts in London and serves as Board of Directors for Third  Millennium Alliance. Erica recently completed a 4,400 mile bicycle trip across the Northern US where she observed the lives and places of the plains of America and is currently writing, producing, and directing a play about her family’s life in Last Chance, CO.

Erica Dorn CV